Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Worth the wait

Well folks, the Tenggren book got delayed a little by recent heat waves in my area and a ton of work in general. The good news is it's cooled down considerably so I'm back on the job.
I plan to try and have it done this weekend with some other new treats as well so hang it there.

By the way I'm curious out of illustrators - Mel Crawford, Gustaf Tenggren, Alice and Martin Provensen and J.P. Miller who would you like to see more of?
I have a bunch of rare stuff from each and of course a ton of lesser known artists and will keep posting randomly unless anyone really wants something or an artist in particular.



Niki said...

Well Barbie, I'm pretty fond of Mr. Gustaf and Mel, and I also like Tom Oreb if there is any available

Terri Loving-Gibbard said...

Ooo! Gustaf please!

KW said...

any Hanna Barbera stuff from Tell-a-Tale books?

Wilson Swain said...

The Provensens and Miller! I love thems so! Many thanks!

pumml said...

So hard to choose!

For me the order is:


Thanks for the continual effort!

littlemithi said...

The Provensens please!

jen said...

anything you want to post, barbie, is fine with me. thank you for all this hard work you do! i very much enjoy looking at all these lovely books.

Freckled Derelict said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone!
KW - I have a few a nice Tell-a-Tale mostly Mel Crawford but also a Quick Draw McGraw I'll try and post in the next month.

Peter Gray said...

I likle J.P Miller the best..:)