Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009 Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who follows this blog or even drops by and says hello I appreciate your comments!
Since it appears 2009 will be even busier than 2008 I will now be updating this blog once a week on Wednesdays so please keep stopping by and checking in I have some rare treats in store and some old stand by's.
If you wish to use whole books from this blog please e-mail me first.
Thanks again!


nenaTV said...

happy new year to you too!
i just wanted to say thanks sooo much for putting up all these beautiful books.i've been watching your blog for some time now and it's simply it!makes me happy everytime i come around.
so i put a link to your blog on my new one.
ooh and i think you maybe will enjoy this post:
thanks again and all the best

Luigi said...

Thanks to you Barbie!
Your blog is one of my favorites... always very charming and inspiring!
Have a great year 2009!

Brendan Sparrow said...

This is amazing! I've just stumbled on your blog and its so great to see so many old childrens' illustrated books, and so thoroughly! There's so much inspiration in every post its unbelievable, I'll be promoting this on my blog straightaway. Have a happy and very successful 2009!

Freckled Derelict said...

Thanks Everyone!

mike r baker said...

Happy New Year to you, Barbie! Thank you for this wonderful blog. Very inspirational. I love people who take time to share things like this. You're my new best friend!

Sonia said...

I found you today :-)
And I'm the one who has to say Thank You for what is, obviously, a work of love.
I'm in awe at what I saw here :-)
Kind Regards,
Sonia Luisa