Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walt Disney's Cinderella

Illustrated by The Walt Disney Studio
Adapted by Retta Scott Worcester
Story Adapted by Jane Werner
Copyright 1950


martinus said...

Great blog. Some beautiful pictures I would not have had access to otherwise.
Could you tell me where the picture right at the top(the one with the two beds and the elf sleeping) comes from? and who illustrated it...and do you have more pictures from that book?

Freckled Derelict said...

Hi Martinus,
It is illustrated by Vernon Grant and from a small book titled "Flibbity Jibbit and the key keeper". I can post it next since your interested. I have many more books and illustrations by vernon grant which I eventually plan to post. Thanks for your interest!

martinus said...

That would be great! My one friend and I have been drooling over these pics. I love em.
I also really like your drawing blog.

The Five Dancing Princesses said...

Hi Golden Gems' Caretaker,

Thank you so much for posting this beautiful book! My mom has an ancient copy that is falling apart and I've loved it since I was very young. I was so glad to find this!

~ Eldest
of the Five Dancing Princesses

Cathy said...

Just discovered your Blog with the Cinderella images by Retta Scott Worcester. This was my all time favorite picture book version of Cinderella as a child. I'm so nostalgic over it and excited to see them again. Can't wait to share the images with my little 4 year old niece. Thank you!