Thursday, February 14, 2008

Muggins Mouse

Illustrated by Anne Sellers Leaf
Written by Marjorie Barrows
Copyright date unknown most likely 1960-1970


Run4DaRose said...

Was so nice to read Muggins Mouse again! Was my favorite book as a child and I knew them all by heart. Your pictures of the pages are beautiful! Nice job, and thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane!


No Friend of John DiPalma said...

This was a book that was read to my 4 brothers and sisters and me back in the 50's. We all loved the book and wanted it read time and again. Most of us committed it to memory (I still recite it verbatim some 60 years later).

I was able to find a copy at a local library about 20 years ago and chersih it.

John L
Boca Raton, FL